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Custom Wheels

We offer custom wheels, built by hand right here in Missoula, Montana. Let our master builders help you find the ideal set up for your bike and make it a reality. We'll discuss the pros and cons of every rim, spoke, nipple and hub option available and find the right combination for your needs.

Custom does not mean expensive. We will work with you to build a wheel set that not only meets your riding needs but that also fits into your budget. Whether they are for road, triathlon, touring, mountain, downhill, fat or something in between we can put together a wheelset that hits all the marks.

We believe strongly in the benefits of our hand built wheels. They are Durable, Dependable, Predictable and Repairable. They also come with our “Lifetime True” guarantee.

Call the shop at (406)721-6525 to get your custom wheelset started today.