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Surly Used Surly Lowside Medium
We have a used but well taken care of Surly Lowside in a size medium in stock and ready to go! There are some noticeable changes to the stock build that help make it the ultimate low maintenance commuter. *Velo Orange Klunker handlebars *Ergonomic grips * Brooks B67 Saddle *Maxxis Hookworm tires *Deity Deftrap Pedals *Extra large Saddle Bag Your BMX Bike All Grown Up Lowside is like the grownup version of the bike you rode when you were a kid and still had hopes and dreams and some semblance of ambition. It’s just as happy riding singletrack as it is parked outside your favorite drinking establishment. Lowside is a single speed mountain bike. Singlespeeding has been a part of Surly’s DNA since day one when we launched the 1x1 Rat Ride. After a lot of Homie Fall Fests and more feats of strength than we can recall, we decided to discontinue it a couple years back. Lowside picks up right where the 1x1 left off.
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